Terrible back pain

I work as a software engineer in Burlington. I spent most of the time sitting in front of the laptops for hours without taking any toilet breaks. I’m having a mild pain in my back, especially in the lower back. My work schedules are disturbed because of it. I tried a lot of pain relief creams and none gave me a permanent result. I started doing some stretching exercises recently and it’s helping. I flicked a magazine and read about the benefits of chiropractic treatments. I have scheduled an appointment at a nearby clinic for chiropractic treatment in Burlington ( ). Does anyone have any similar experiences regarding back pain relief?

  1. Boone1 year ago

    I know why you are feeling this. This is very common with software engineers or any technology guys. Actually, the reason is sitting in front of computers for several hours. Sometimes it's very much annoying. You should definitely go to some specialists for this treatment. This is the one problem. There is another problem as well which is very common and that is eyes problem. That must also be reduced. Just try to put the lights on whenever you are using a computer. It's the simple solution.

  2. Ada1 year ago

    jeremyedward55 I am also a software engineer. And you know about the tough routine of software houses. They don’t even let them to attend a phone call in their office timing. I can’t active on social media in my break timings. They have ceased these sites on their servers. And I am also fucking with it. my doctor examined and said to me that I am suffering from kidney disease. Maybe this case with you. you also missed your toilet break. This can affect your internal cycle badly. So don’t listen to them. Do what you want to do. It’s your life. Nature gives only one chance to enjoy your life. Just enjoy your life. As far as the matter of your back pain keep some type of cushion behind your back. Never ever sit for more than 5 hours consistently. Stay blessed.

  3. Claire Hastings1 year ago

    My job requires 8 hours of sitting in front of the computer, and three months ago I have experienced almost constant back pain. I have decided to force myself to be more active and to walk back home instead of driving. I also started hiking, every day, and bought myself a pair of comfy Birkenstock sandals ( ) so I can handle more walking. I also went to massage few times and after about a month I felt better.

  4. bonnybill8 months ago

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