Thank God..survived a cardiac arrest!

I'm planning to do regular workouts from tomorrow onwards.
I badly want to improve my daily life, as I suffered from a heart attack. I realized, how important I'm to my family. I don't want them to struggle without me. They want me to do regular workouts to lower my high blood pressure to prevent another heart attack.
My doctor suggested me to join his exercise club, to reduce my stress and cholesterol.I'm an IT professional, so stress has become alike an emotion. I'm currently going to a clinic for relaxation massage therapy( in Toronto. When I consulted my doc, he said, it is important to do exercise along with the therapy! I'm not ready for it now. Like I'm not interested in joining an exercise club, yet I've to consider my health too.
At present, I feel like getting back to my personal space with my family. So I decided to buy a Cardio bike. I've gone through some sites, found a lot of equipment types. I'm confused to choose the best one at a reasonable cost!!

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