The real reason we all signed up here

San francisco native here, just looking for some friends. It's always been a little challenging for me because Im a little shy. But Ive had enough. I need some girlfriends! It doesnt matter if you live in California or timbuktu, or if youre young like me or a little more experienced in parenting! I genuinly just need some friends. I need someone to vent to, someone to give me advice, someone to share their toddler troubles with. We can swap dinner recipes or parenting hacks; I just need a buddy. It would just be an added bonus if you live in the bay area. If not, it doesnt matter, us moms need to stick together. Dont be shy! Send me a message! Lets be friends. Im here for you if youll be there for me!


  1. GreyDom2 years ago

    Hi there!!! You've got a friend in me :) Lets chat sometime.

  2. Tonya272 years ago

    Ditto, what some consider shy but just want to have chats without judgement. It's so much harder to find those types of ppl than you would think. I'm here my friend, even if I'm in NC


  3. JennaBea2 years ago

    Hi. I'm new to this site and definitely could use some girlfriends. Don't have any. Just someone to chat and be a buddy. Anyone who is looking for a buddy. I need one too

  4. Nightmare872 years ago


  5. kjsmomma20142 years ago

    hi there! I'm not in California, but in Arizona. I have a two and a half year old who will be 3 in July already. How old is your kids??

  6. tara2342 years ago

    I'm new to the site as well and I'm totally open to new friends! Perhaps we can start a group (fb/watsapp or other) that allows us to support each other!

  7. KikilovesTris2 years ago

    Not sure if you're still looking to make new friends, but I'm new on this site and open to making new friends as well! Being in the military, it's hard making and keeping friends because of my job schedule, but if you're looking for new friends, send me a message!

  8. Rosy1 year ago

    Hi there! :)
    I'm also new on this site and new to nebraska so i also don't have girlfriends yet and i can be very shy. I don't have kids yet but i am 5 months pregnant and i've found myself staying in my house all day by myself. Not healthy! Lol
    So any one that wants to message me i'm open to meating new people!
    Also FB snap chat ect. :)

  9. Katdevillo1 year ago

    Looking for people! I need people! This mom thing is amazing but can be lonely. Looking to build a support system of amazing ladies!

  10. tara2341 year ago

    I'm completely open to meeting new people- add me!

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