Troubled with severe back pain

Hi, my husband is troubled with severe back pain. He is working in an MNC. Every time he used to sit continuously in a fixed position for a long time as a part of his job. He is troubled with severe back pain and he is not able to work properly due to this. He tried simple pain medication and found a comfortable position while working. But the pain is still there without any change. I have heard about spinal decompression therapy from a website. I discussed this treatment with my friend and she shared good recovery stories with me. I'm planning to consider the spinal decompression therapy ( )from a clinic in Mississauga. Please share your ideas with me. It would be a great help.

  1. sandra freeze11 months ago

    my boyfriend has similar issues.. good luck to your dh

  2. Ada10 months ago

    hello Maria Steve! So sad to hear about your husband. It is very common sometimes it is due to our daily routine activities. I think that medication is not only the treatment to lose his pain. he should exercise regularly during the early part of the day. He should eat vegetables and fruits. Try to avoid sleep in your back position. I think he should sleep in a side way. stress is also responsible for it. I think he takes a huge stress of his work. You should understand him to reduce stress. He should take a leave from his office for at least one week. After when he will be absolutely all right. Then he should join his office again. Rest can also reduce his pain. have a nice day.

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