Trying to sell my breast pump...

And literally no one is answering any of my ads. It is slightly annoying. I would put it on ebay or other sites like that but I don't have the money to ship it so i don't really have that option. Today has just been very frustrating. I have no friends, no one to talk to, the baby is extra fussy and I just want friends! I just need to vent somewhere because sometimes its really annoying to sit all day with no one to talk to.

  1. sana344 years ago

    Hey I'm new to this site. I just sign up today I'm trying to figure out how this works lol but I'm here if you like to chat always like to meet new people :)

  2. MamaJane4 years ago

    Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time :( I will ask around to see if anyone in my family needs a breastpump. Hang in there, everything will get easier. I lucked out and met a cool local mom friend through this site who lives in my town. I hope you have similar luck! Also hope you sell your pump! I would try Craigslist as @Ade suggested. You can post it local on Craigslist so no need to ship :)

  3. BrittandBaby4 years ago

    I posted on Craig's list and no luck. Where I live it's kinda more common to formula feed, and breastfeeding is just now being promoted more. I have a soon to be sister in law who is pregnant but I was trying to Sell it because my fiance Just started college so we need some stuff for him. If you ladies wanna add and message me you can

  4. Pam D'or4 years ago

    Hello sorry to hear you are going through some tough times . You can message me if you need some one to talk too I am a mom with 3 kids and have been a stay at home mom for 4 years . I keep my self busy with my kids and a home base buisness . I get to meet and talk to loys of people this way And make an income too. You can give it a try you might like too. Meanwhile I will ask around to see if any of my friends or family needs a breast pump. I wish luck .

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