Two Year old boy/ girl twins

Hello Everyone,

Any experience with twins?


  1. Jenkinskt35 years ago

    Hi, I just joined and saw this so thought I would say hi. I have fraternal twin girls 20 months old

  2. Can we have wine??5 years ago

    Hi! Welcome, I am also a mom of twin girls (identical though). My girls are only 8 months. So is it true that it gets easier as they get older? haha

  3. Li5 years ago

    Hi, I am new to the forum & Mom to 2.5 year old b/g twins. Momoftwins2013 I wouldn't necessarily say it gets easier, but that you face different challenges. I'm still waiting for it to get easier lol

  4. Angelmom115 years ago

    Yes I have 2 yr old twin girls. I also am pregnant with twin boys

  5. cesstarx5 years ago

    I have 2 yr old boy twins.. They are two twice :) It does get easier I have an older daughter and 4 was a breeze it is just making it there that is seriously the challenge

  6. Jmkmwl775 years ago

    I have twin boys that turned two this April. I love them I feel do stuck as it is hard to go anywhere with both by yourself like the park etc. any advice out there?

  7. cesstarx5 years ago

    Get baby backpacks with little leashes i have them for my guys and we go everywhere. Sometimes i call a friend. Find an enclosed park. Look for play groups at rec centers.

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