What about converting a vinyl pool to a gunite??

Hey, I’m from Massachusetts. We’ve got a vinyl pool of the size12*20. I’m a single mom living with my two kids. I’ve to find an additional budget to maintain our pool every six months. Sometimes I’d have to think like getting rid of this pool once and for all. But my kids love to have a pool, that is the reason I’m still investing in it. One of the friends bought a new home, they have a gunite pool there. It has been six months, I’ve never seen her complaining about her pool maintenance. She said it is because of the gunite material, it is very easy to maintain. I’ve called a pool guy to discuss the requirements of gunite pool installation( ). He said it is possible to convert an existing an old pool into a gunite one. But what I felt is the budget is almost closer to the construction of a new pool. So I thought to seek a suggestion from people here who are experts in investing in pool construction and maintenance. My question is- Is it a good idea to convert vinyl to gunite in the sense of investment.

  1. JustinetheQueen5 months ago


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