Who are your favorite children's music artists?

We really love Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell. You can check out their new song here.

  1. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    We love but other than that don't have any because my husband is a huge 'music guy' and so the kids have listened to all kinds of weird, classic, and other regular music forever. Very weird to hear my four year old go "Mama, that's James Brown!" or Dadvid Bowie or 'reggae music' or whatever but at least she's getting schooled in the good stuff.

  2. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    I can't wait for the day when she can figure out what artist she is listening too. That will be adorable.

  3. JillS.5 years ago

    Laurie Berkner, Wiggleworms, or anything Disney

  4. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. I will check these out for my little girl. :)

  5. newyorkhollie5 years ago

    raffi he does pretty clever songs- "apples and bananas"," in my garden" etc

  6. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    I will check Raffi too. I appreciate the idea newyorkhollie.

  7. Rchains 5 years ago

    We love Charlie Hope. We also like several of the Putymayo Kids CDs--we especially like the one that has "Bananaphone" and "You Are My Sunshine" on it. There's also a CD called "Jazz for Kids" that we love; it has classics like Ella Fitzgerald singing "Old Macdonald."

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