Work from home / collaborate with moms

Moms !! I decided to quit my job last week after contemplating over & over. Yea , I took that risk with some savings I had. I always maintained a Corporate job & finished my degree. I have always been a go-getter ! Raised in NY, you either have it or you don't & you choose to go get it or not. That's anywhere right ? I live in San Antonio now for 10yrs with my family & need a flexible career with my 1st son & now my own family. :) I have a great work ethic & daycare for my son. Looking to add happiness to my work life.

Please recommend guaranteed paid jobs you can work from home/laptop while traveling. I'm open to meeting up if you live in my area to discuss start-up ideas. Thank you all ! A lot of love

  1. Kennedy271 year ago

    Hey! Do you like jewelry? Im a Paparazzi Accessories independent consultant and will be happy to give you some info if you would like! :)

  2. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    I sell Scentsy and really love it!

  3. katebaldwin1 year ago

    I work from home full time (Monday-Friday) for a tech company based out of Bellevue, WA. I have my first child on the way and wouldn't be able to work while taking care of my baby (lots of conference calls) but it's still nice working from home!

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