Working from Home??

Are there any other work from home Mommas out there?! I've been working from home for 3.5yrs and LOVE IT!! But could use some mom friends who 'get it' haha

Ps We are expanding if anyone else is up for making extra from home!!

  1. Christa1 year ago

    I've been working from home since before my first was born. These days it feels a lot harder with her school and dance schedule and my 4-year-old at home. I actually tell other mamas not to expect it to be easy - I think it's harder than working in an office AND being a SAHM.

  2. Talia Rench1 year ago

    That's how I am feeling!! I thought it would get easier with preschool 3 days/week (half days) and kindergarten, but it seems I spend all my time picking up and dropping off and getting ready for the next thing vs actually sitting down and getting work done haha

  3. Topacio1 year ago

    I work from home and its been hard...with a new born, a 4 year old now in school and my 2 year who isnt very sociable. I pick up drop off cook clean and work no friends

  4. ladylossie1 year ago

    Working at home is not as easy as it seems.

  5. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    Hi, I'm looking to work, from or away from home. Can you message me more details about the job(s) available?

  6. MayraMamaOf21 year ago

    Any work at home moms know of any companies hiring? I had my son in June. Oldest is 12. Would like to stay home with my son, but since I've never been a SAHM, it's so hard for me.

  7. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    Me too! I've been online looking and looking for a job where I can stay at home. I have a 2year old, and I'm pregnant. At first I was just bored and wanted a stay at home job to keep me busy while my baby naps, ect. But hubby's job has been slowwwww! So now I'm wanting a job so I can make some extra money!

  8. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    I am mulling over the option of working from home can anyone help me with suggestions. I was going through Please need suggestions.....

  9. EmmaJ1 year ago

    I was moving with my family and I found it easier to look for a house which is in a good area. I have my own business so I wanted a place that will be near a kindergarten, stores, and schools. My husband was doing all the research and he found a lot of information when he was researching particular area because we knew where we want to move ( For a mom, this is a great thing to know ahead so that you can relax and know that the daily routine won't take long.

  10. JennaBea1 year ago

    I am definitely looking for some legit work at home jobs. Please share what you do ladies. Thank you :)

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