You are invited for a Fashion Brunch

Hi Beautiful mums! How are you?

By the way, I am Carla and I am a work at home mum. I love how I am able to stay at home and bond/play with my daughter in the morning and work at the comfortability of my home without the hassle of the daily traffic. I am a Virtual Personal Assistant to Bella Bekanova, a Fashion Stylist and a Personal Shopper. What I love about her is that she is so kind and very hardworking. She really loves empowering women through clothes and fashion. I look up to her as my role model to work harder because I realized that us, women can shine through every storm that will come our way and will absolutely do everything for our children.

Anyways, If you are free on Friday, 9th of March, you may want to consider joining us for a Fashion Brunch wherein we will be creating your polished & effortless style by knowing the colours, shapes and textures that suit YOUR beauty type

Please check this link for further information.

Thank you lovely ladies. Have a nice evening x

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